Rebecca Black’s New Single Has Dropped

Talent-challenged teen pop sensation Rebecca Black is back in the game with a new single, “My Moment.” She buries the haters like a true pro, but while this latest is miles ahead of “Friday” in terms of production values, it lacks the debut’s endearing cheesiness and heart. Needs more Benni Cinkle, I think. “My Moment” proves that Rebecca can dance a little bit, and looks at least 20 when they’ve got her done up in heavy makeup and heels.

The song itself is instantly forgettable. You could play it a thousand times and still not remember the tune or any of the words, such is its resemblance to those janky versions of pop songs they play in karaoke bars. But hey, she’s kind of adorable, right? And how cute is it that her family is in the limo with her?

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