Rebecca Black’s EP Will Be Coming Out Next Month

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Rebecca Black has enough material to put out an EP. Her recent “Friday” follow-up “My Moment” will be the lead single, and it’s dropping next month. Ms. Black has always seemed like a nice little girl, but she’s simply refusing to go away! Who will buy her EP, especially if all the songs are as “serious” as “My Moment”?

Black was “nervous” about “My Moment” coming out because “I thought, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to even beat ‘Friday’ myself,’ ” she told MTV News. “‘Friday’ was so big, and it’s hard: I feel like it’ll be hard to break the ‘Friday’ record.” This is definitive proof that no one ever explained to her why “Friday” was so successful, right? Like…is it possible that Rebecca Black never understood that people thought “Friday” was a joke?

Anyway. Self-awareness issues aside, Black’s motivations for the EP mirrored those of any other new artist: building her career.

“Again, I wanted people to able to take me seriously because I felt like this would be the right thing to do. I wanted to start building what could be a really great career, but this industry, it’s so unpredictable: You could be the big thing for a month or four months, and then kind of fall off the face of the planet. And I felt my whole team kind of felt like it was a great way to put me here for an amount of time.”

This industry! It’s so unpredictable! Anyone else want to have a stern chat with Rebecca Black’s mom and dad?

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