Rebecca Black Returns to ‘Sing It’

Yes, "Friday" songstress Rebecca Black has a new single. No, it is not good. But you are required to watch it, obviously, because you are on the internet. Sorry!

So, this one isn’t as bad as "Friday" in the sense that the lyrics sound like a human being wrote them instead of being random words from Captcha strung together all loosey-goosey. But that doesn’t mean isn’t full of that general gooey pop song nonsense (sample lyric: "I’m dreamin’ again / So get out of my way / Life goes fast so you’ve gotta make it last / No matter what they say." WHO, Rebecca?). And there’s some top-notch autotune going on here, although it doesn’t mean that La Black’s mumbling doesn’t get really confusing at times. ("Sing it from the Lord?" Was that "brighter day" or some new word that somehow rhymes with "Friday?") As Dan Hopper of Best Week Ever aptly says, it’s "basically Instagram ejaculating into your face for three minutes."

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