Q&A: Kai Campos of Mount Kimbie

The new Mount Kimbie album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, drops on May 28. Get the lowdown on the new record from Kai Campos and hear the single,  “Made To Stray,” below.

Who would you love to do a remix for?
Sun Ra.

Tell me about the choice to add vocals and live instrumentation.
We’ve always used both actually, it’s true they are more prominent but I guess it wasn’t really a conscious plan of any kind. It suited one song and then another. Lyrics were a new challenge but an enjoyable one. 

Where does the title Cold Spring Fault Less Youth originate?
From ma brain! I was thinking about the record and how in some ways it is a disjointed affair. The words all have their own place but they have to be together. The order is somewhat important but not really. I saw them as those word fridge magnets that you can get. That’s one way of thinking about it.

When touring, what’s the difference between a British crowd and an American one?
British crowds don’t shout, "Fuck yeah Mount Kimbie" and ‘Maaaayyyooooorrrrr, Mayyyyyoooooor," but Americans are much more excited to welcome you to their town…and the cash is nicer to hold. 

What is the absolute worst interview question?
The online ones, where I stare at the screen for ages and zone out.

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