Promoter Carlos Valpeoz on the Rock & Roll Circus & Japanther

Promoter Carlos Valpeoz has booked Brooklyn DIY shows for the likes of the So So Glos and Japanther, whose band members, like Valpeoz himself, went to Pratt. On Monday night at the Rock & Roll Circus at Lincoln Center, Japanther played an unforgettable show – whatever your opinion of the security situation. Valpeoz was in the audience. Here, he shares his thoughts on the Rock & Roll Circus and the Japanther big tent debacle.

How was it seeing Japanther and the So So Glos at Lincoln Center compared with seeing them at smaller DIY venues in Brooklyn? It was a great night! I had no specific expectations going into the show. I have been going to Lincoln Center for years with my family and it was a fantastic experience watching my friends perform in such an ambitious production.

How did you like the circus tents as a venue for a rock show? The venue was unbelievable. The lights, sound, and location were all surreal. To see so many of my friends in a neighborhood so far from the norm was amazing. No matter what happened at the end of the show, I am totally ecstatic about the free entry and intent.

How did the rock n roll circus strike you as a concept for a show? Do you think it worked? The idea was grand, although it was confronted by poor planning and anticipation. Fans dislike barriers. Every band was all about engaging the crowd, as they are used to playing on floors of dirty warehouses with minimal security. It could have worked seamlessly, but there was not enough planning and dialogue between the bands and the staff.

Did you come to see any bands in particular? I came to see Japanther, So So Glos, and The Pharmacy. Three of my favorite bands right now.

What was your favorite part of the show? My friends and watching the So So Glos bring everyone up to the front. That is how the entire show should have gone.

Why do you think they shut down the event during Japanther when people were in the ring during the performance by the So So Glos? They didn’t shut down the event. Japanther stopped playing knowing that the staff were getting way too hostile. Security took it upon themselves to make the entire atmosphere violent. They were making it personal and there was no hierarchy among the staff. All they had to do was make an announcement. Instead, they decided to use force to calm the situation down, which obviously never works.

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