Pretty Sure Arcade Fire Is About To Go All Prog-Rock On Us

The music news this week is calculatedly mysterious, one of those Internet-age things bands do to heighten anticipation to a foaming pitch in the weeks before a big release. The reasoning is: in a world awash with information, a perceived lack of same is interesting. So, what don’t we know about Arcade Fire’s forthcoming LP, Reflektor, out on October 29?

Well, the main thing is we don’t know what the songs sound like. Or what they’re called. Or even how many songs there are! What happened is that an Australian DJ said the band’s new single would be available on September 9 at 9 p.m. (Sydney time? I don’t know, I’m so confused), and the label said something else would happen around then, and a fifteen-secondsnippet from the record showed up on Spotify.
That’s not a ton of clues to go on, but I feel it my duty to wildly speculate here: between the occult-looking album art (a design replicated in an earlier street art campaign—how authentic) and the ghostly, shimmering sound sample, plus the motifs of reflection and mirrors, I think we’re looking at a two-disc deep-space prog-rock album with all the extravagant trimmings. It’ll be about an ultra-successful Canadian band that opens a portal to a parallel universe where the letters “c” and “k” are swapped. I can’t wait to pay those Ticketmaster surcharges.  
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