Premiere: Watch The Fontaines’ New Video for ‘Charlotte Fontaine’


Brother-sister duo The Fontaines know they can’t be pigeonholed. Merging the eclectic sounds of dream pop band Beach House and American jazz legend Miles Davis, two of their most prominent inspirations, nineteen-year-old Charlotte and twenty-four-year-old Hank are calling their sound “New-Wop.” While it certainly falls into a category of retro pop, their creations unswervingly escape any poignant comparisons.

Premiering today on BlackBook, the duo’s video for “Charlotte Fontaine” continues the unavoidable familial feel to the band and their music, introducing a nearly comical stage mom vs. pageant daughter storyline to accompany the swoon-worthy track and its quirky finish. “This video was inspired by hours spent watching ‘Heathers’ and ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’,” says Hank. “I wanting to do something a little bit in that vein.”

Check out the video below, and learn more about The Fontaines here.


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