Premiere: Watch Snoh Aalegra’s New Video for ‘Emotional’

The music industry’s dependence on the Internet as its platform for content distribution has created a bit of a double-edged sword for artists. While many acts are able to attract fans and gain attention without a record deal, something that was infinitely more difficult decades back, other deserving artists are struggling to break through the debilitating clutter. As a result, it’s becoming more and more imperative for artists to find that differentiating factor.


While I could say a lot about Swedish-born, LA-based singer Snoh Aalegra, I can’t help but to focus on her voice, which is one of the most mature, exquisitely textured I’ve heard in years. If her cool, 90s R&B style or the approval of icons like Prince and Common weren’t enough for you, the voice would definitely do the trick in terms of distinction. Take a listen to her debut EP There Will Be Sunshine, or better yet, check out the premiere for her video for “Emotional,” which was shot about two weeks ago in downtown LA by director Sarah Charfield and Paul Laufer as Director of Photography.

“This song is about heartbreak and frustration, of desperately wanting to love and to be loved back,” Aalegrea tells BlackBook. “I recently got out of a four year relationship and that’s been really rough. In this video, I’m letting all my emotions out.” If incredible vocals or 90s fashions are your type of thing, check out the video below.

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