Premiere: Hear Tree Machines’ Seasonal and (Sensorial) ‘Late Snow’

Music, Tree Machines

“Don’t float away,” sings Douglas Wooldridge of Kansas-based duo Tree Machines in their new track, “Late Snow.” Ironically, that’s just what the song makes us want to do—with its gleaming placidity reminiscent of Bon Iver, held steady over an abate, pulsing beat.

“[The song] is about the fading love for a town that once felt like home; where all the once familiar faces seem like strangers,” says Wooldridge. “To us, it’s more like a movement than a pop song. It really was the magic track that came together once we got into the studio.”

Bandmate Patrick Aubry adds, “Anyone who’s lived in the Midwest knows the feeling of a late snow while waiting for the warm weather to break through the winter. There’s always one more snowfall to prolong the salvation, but the wait always seems to make those first days of spring that much more enjoyable.”

Much like how I feel about the end of winter, completing the track was an emotional experience. “When I heard it finished for the first time, I had a hard time keeping the tears back. I knew we had finally made the music we had been working towards for years.”

“Late Snow” will be featured on the Tree Machines EP, due out March 31st.


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