Premiere: Stefany June Goes Gloom-Pop In New Single ‘The Beat That My Heart Plays’

All of the best music comes from Europe, doesn’t it? With her new single “The Beat That My Heart Plays”, Stefany June shows herself to be a contender for the new indie pop It Girl. The track is a low key, chill look at the melancholy of love, one which gets its point across both musically and lyrically. To be fair, she could be singing about rainbows and puppies and as long as she kept this style, it would still be fairly morose (in the best way possible).

Driven equally by a haunting piano, a retro electric guitar twang, and June’s vocals, which come across almost as a whisper, the song’s beauty is in its simplicity. June’s new sound follows in the footsteps of artists like BANKS, Lana Del Rey, and Tove Lo, staying on trend with what’s happening in music today while not copying anything that’s been done before. 

Already a well known name in Europe’s underground, it may be safe to say that we can now add Stefany June’s name to the list of dozens of other women who are pushing the boundaries of pop music, becoming a part of its ever-changing definition.

In any other year, “The Beat That My Heart Plays” might have been called alternative or even rock, though it would definitely be on the lighter side of things.

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