Premiere: See the New Video for The Frail’s Infectious ‘Automatic’

Main image via Tricycle Records

Kevin and Daniel of The Frail met in the same way most of us will probably find our future soul mates: via the Internet. From the virtual world to IRL, the band has exploded with their loveable electro-pop sound, feisty vocals, and fashion-forward image. They’ve opened for the likes of Hot Chip and Goldfrapp, two acts that fit perfectly with The Frail’s electro-infused sound.

Today, we’re pleased to premiere the video for “Automatic,” the new single off of their album LoveDeathLegend. Chic girls roll around on beds, smoke Plumes, and stand in front of brick walls, mouthing words to the San Francisco band’s absurdly catchy chorus. Check out the video below, and start posting your hopes and dreams on Craigslist (depending on what those dreams are) as the networking site is clearly doing something right.

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