Premiere: Watch Multi-instrumentalist Lia Mice’s Trippy New Video for ‘Everything’s Sailing’

Lia Mice, Music

World traveler and experimental musician Lia Mice’s latest single “Everything’s Sailing” starts out like your typical ethereal jam, but the singer-songwriter has a few tricks up her sleeve that make this ride a lot more fun.

Just when you think you have the song pegged, the Lia throws in some very unexpected bongos, which separate this track from all the other quasi-experimental prog/psych pop out there. Those hand drums begin phasing in and out, sharing duties with an electronic substitute, which does a similar job, but mixes things up even further. An added guitar highlights just how much the artist can put into one track and still make it all work.

While the video obviously had a smaller budget, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the watch. To get a truly spectacular visual, Lia worked with NYC-based projection duo EYEBODGEA, who helped her transform relatively tame spaces like car back seats and blank rooms with colorful, abstract forms of light.

The musicianship on this song (and the album it comes from, I Love You, which was released this past November) realy must be appreciated, as it is all Lia’s work. She composed and plays every note of every instrument, so whether you love the song or not, you really can’t say the woman isn’t talented.

Lia Mice Austrasia Tour April 2015
Thursday 16 April – Blackbear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday 17 April – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Saturday 18 April – Grace Darling Bandroom, Melbourne
Thursday 23 April – The Bee, Kuala Lumpur
Sunday 26 April –  TAB, Singapore
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