Premiere: Hear ‘Roots’ From Norway’s Queen of Electro-Pop, Sandra Kolstad

While Americans may not yet be familiar with “Norway’s Queen of Electronic Pop,” also known as Sandra Kolstad, things might change upon the release of her third studio album, Zero Gravity State of Mind. Like her previous releases, CRUX and (Nothing Lasts) Forever, the trained piano player’s new music lives in the middle-ground of sweeping, classical ballads and Electro-pop anthems.

For example, take a listen to her new release “Roots,” which has a Regina Spektor-esque cadence driven by Kolstad’s beautifully textured voice and electronic flourishes. Check out our talk with the budding star about the new album and her life goals, as well as the premiere of “Roots,” below.

How did you get started as a singer?

Growing up, I would never sing for anyone. But I always wrote my own songs, and at one point I played them for one of my best friends. One night, she got me super drunk and put me on the stage of an open mic night in Oslo. That’s when it all started.

Why did you choose to dedicate your life to music?

Because I think it can change me, and I think it can change the world.

You just released a music video for “My Yellow Heart.” Can you tell us about the clip’s creation?

The music video was made by the incredible director Dan Huiting and his team, and it was all made possible by my great American label Red Eye Transit. It was a long journey, from the first ideas that Dan and me tossed back and forth, and then the trip to Iceland, which was ICE cold and absolutely fantastic, with five days of recording and my little sister starring as my co-actress.

What do you think “Pop Music” means in 2015? How is the genre changing?

To me, it means absolutely nothing. At least at its best! Pop music at its best defies genres, forms, and traditions, and creates new ideas and ways to make music.

You’re releasing your album Zero Gravity State of Mind in March. What should we be expecting?

A lot of electronic sounds, and a lot of acoustic sounds, hopefully blended into an interesting mix that creates a soundscape that is organic, dynamic and intense, that makes you levitate when you listen to it. High expectations!

If you’re music were any type of drug, drink, or food, what would it be?

Nectar and flake salt.

Who’s another artist you think the whole world should know about?

The one and only Danish pop phantom Asbjørn.

What is the song “Roots” about? What was going on when you wrote it?

I actually wrote “Roots” many years ago. It’s about changing, the fear of it, acknowledging that everything has to change, without forgetting about the past.

What are some of your life goals?

Be more present, in my body, in my life, in my relations to other people. And one day, I hope, to live by the ocean, in peace.

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