Premiere: Hear the New Track ‘Blood Filled Tears’ From Maisy Kay

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When looking at today’s prominent teenage singers, we see unarguable talent too often paired with creative inauthenticity. While many of these youngsters are fine having fans believe they composed melodies, wrote lyrics and invented imagery on their own rather than crediting the stash of writers and marketers behind the magic, newcomer Maisy Kay is an exception. The sixteen-year-old prodigy is a self-taught pianist and mezzo-soprano who only performs her own compositions, which are strikingly mature in both musical technique and content. Having grown up in the English countryside but now residing in Los Angeles, the budding talent often finds herself awake at 3:00am, penning music that is far ahead of her years.

Premiering today on BlackBook is Kay’s debut single “Blood Filled Tears,” with the girl herself on vocals and piano. Written about a close friend’s suicide, Kay says the following of the song:

“‘Blood Filled Tears’ is an extremely personal and emotional song for me. It came from an experience I went through with a friend, and my purpose for writing it, for almost everything I write, is in the hope that it could possibly touch someone else in need of help. Someone in need of a message to get them through life, through a day, through an hour…”

Listen to the track below.