Premiere: Watch the Video for Lifehouse’s New Single, ‘Hurricane’

Photo credit: Ted Newsome

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from alt-rock band Lifehouse, but after a short hiatus, it looks like they are back, and they’re doing things their way.

 Just a few days ago, the band premiered their new single “Hurricane”, a rollicking, melody-driven tune that is unashamedly Lifehouse.

Unlike some previous tracks the band has released, “Hurricane” isn’t looking to capitalize on trends or be anything more than the best of what the band is known for.

 “Hurricane” is the lead single off the band’s upcoming seventh album Out Of The Wasteland, which is expected in May. The new album sees the group finding their roots again, with lead singer Jason Wade saying in a statement that the band “wanted to retrace our steps back to the beginning and really find the innocence, that feeling of being 17-year-old kids who get excited about playing in the garage.”

Whether or not the single finds a space on traditional radio or makes its way up the charts, it’s refreshing to see a band ignore everything else and simply be the best them that they can be, putting their true fans, the ones that have stuck with them for over a decade, first.

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