Premiere: Hear Jon DeRosa’s Earthy New Song ‘Coyotes’

Photo by Ivy August

If you’re familiar with New York-based musical collective Aarktica, you’ll be excited to hear that its principal member, Jon DeRosa, will be releasing a solo album called Black Halo on May 25th. Now based in Los Angeles, DeRosa recorded half of the album in New York before relocating to the Golden State, where the change in atmosphere helped to reinvigorate the singer. He began to see things he’d never witnessed before on the regular, such as a pack of coyotes that often waited in his driveway as he returned from work.

Premiering here, the first single off of Black Halo reminds us of how masterfully DeRosa can take unexpected and beautiful melodic turns with his earthy, baritone voice. With a warm, West Coast ambiance, “Coyotes” is about a connection to nature, something that DeRosa was markedly more capable of discovering after moving away from the concrete jungle. Check out the track below, as well as more on DeRosa here.

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