Premiere: Hear Eden Sela’s Exquisitely Fragile New Track, ‘Jealous Lovers’

As New Yorkers begin their feverish excitement for warmer weather, some of us have not quite escaped the somber, introspective vibes of what’s been a fairly harsh Winter. Thankfully, Mexican/American singer Eden Sela’s new single “Jealous Lovers” is right there with you, with its exquisitely fragile tone, constructed of playfully wavy instrumentation, Sela’s intricately layered, virtuous voice, and ethereal backgrounds of melancholic gospel loops. The pianist’s new song, which will be featured on her forthcoming album Purgatory, out March 24th, is more or less sonic Xanax; a gorgeously orchestrated piece filled with organic emotion.

Coming from a family of philosophers, circus performers, artists and other musicians, it’s no surprise that Sela, who spent time living everywhere from Baja Mexico and Montreal to Brooklyn before finally landing in Los Angeles, is so keenly talented. Take a listen to the chanteuses new track below, and find out more about her here.

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