Premiere: Hear the Anthemic Singaporean Singer Vandetta’s ‘Fly’ (Perk Pietrek Remix)

As universal as certain musical styles and genres have become, propelled into ubiquity through digital media, there remains a certain unique flavoring that’s dependent on the music’s origin and maker. Take Singaporean singer Vandetta, for example, who creates ear-catching beats and melodies that fit the pop music mold while still leaning on her roots for creative inspiration. Though she may be new to you, her name is all-present in her home country, where she rose to fame as a twelve-year-old after winning the Girl Groups division of a national talent show, broadcast on television in Singapore. After being a member of other locally infamous acts, as well as hosting numerous radio shows, Vandetta is back to her first true love: creating music.

Today, BlackBook is premiering a remix of Vandetta’s “Fly” by Perk Pietrek, a fellow Singaporean. Starting off with swelling background vocals over a minimalist, partially acoustic beat, the track propels Vandetta’s sultry voice, which eventually builds into an anthem-like chorus. Essentially, Pietrek took the original and turned it into his percussive playground, toying with various rhythms and trap beats to keep things fresh. The remix will be featured on an upcoming Remix EP, which contains reworks of Vandetta’s debut EP.

Check out the remix below, and learn more about Vandetta here.

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