Premiere: Hear Julietta Veer Into Romantic Despair on Her Debut EP ‘Conquest’

Rising starlet Julietta has impressed us with her rock n’ roll style— think half Angelina Jolie in Gia with shades of Sandy in Grease. With a voice that’s smooth as silk and sultry yet refined, her sonic universe is full of universal themes of love and loss, and today we’re pleased to exclusively premiere her incredible debut EP Conquest.

In her own words, “Everyone struggles with finding love, having their heart broken, finding purpose, having the courage to follow their dreams, and I just want to express it through my music. I love to share my weaknesses and my strengths with others so that they could relate and feel like they aren’t alone.”

Because each track on the EP is so different, from dark indie-pop to R&B with tones of hip-hop and electronic, we can see it as an evolving relationship—and not necessarily a healthy one. Julietta possesses the chill wave aesthetic of MS MR, haunted and ethereal as she veers into the depths of love’s despair. Listen to “Conquest,” “Goosebumps,” “Nightmare,” “Maybe,” and lastly “Dreams” to feel what she does. If you’re a romantic who is seemingly let down again and again we think you’ll relate.


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