Premiere: Watch Hart & Hare’s Surreal New Video for ‘Enough’

Photo by Adam Smith

Portland band Hart & Hare create the type of Art Pop that casually drifts in your ears, only to decide it’s never leaving your skull. Their laidback, trance-inducing methodology summons comparisons to acts like Zero 7, but also incorporates influences from the band’s idols, such as Björk and Radiohead. Composed of Jess Pierson and Graham Bell, the act merges a range of diverse genres and melodic ideas into one harmonious piece, somewhat hypnotizing in its finalized state.

Premiering today on BlackBook is Hart & Hare’s video for “Enough.” The song has an ethereal guitar backdrop held in place by a thumping drum beat. The video itself seems to take place in a performing arts high school, starring our favorite new bedazzled male dancer. About the video, Pierson says:

“We stayed away from a traditional storyline by introducing some surreal elements and glitches. We play the part of characters inserted into the place where a high school drama and workout video collide. The more experimental direction takes cues from the work of performance artist Trav B, who we were lucky enough to collaborate with. He designed and fabricated the costumes for the yoga scenes, and also plays the part of the instructor.”

You can catch the video below, and learn more about Hart & Hare here.

Hart & Hare – “Enough” (Official Music Video) from Breakup Records on Vimeo.


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