Exclusive: Sink Into ‘Play It As It Lays,’ the New Album From a place both wonderful and strange

The pleasure of music lies in its ability to give as an immersive experience, to engulf our bodies entirely in sound, and allow us to luxuriate in the grand feeling of it all. Our emotional reactors prick themselves up, we close our eyes, and allow ourselves to be transported into another world, a world of our own—one that can act as a cloak to the outside world and protect our solipsistic bubble for the most fulfilling listening experience. And for Russ Marshalek, his latest musical endeavor a place both wonderful and strange takes his dark and cinematically-minded sonic affinities to new depths.

As the follow-up to his last musical project Silent Drape Runners—a Twin Peaks-inspired band whose live performances garnered much acclaim—a place both wonderful and strange again plays off that haunting and heartbreaking Lynchian world of psychological darkness to envelop your senses. Produced entirely by Marshalek—save  two tracks which were mastered by Long Island-based rapper/producer Lyle Horowitz of Blahzè Misfits—the new album Play It As It Lays also features longtime friend, collaborator, and vocalist GHOST COP (Lucy Swope), who co-wrote the first single.

Speaking to Play It As It Lays, Marshalek expressed that the album is, “ultimately about suffocation, drowning, and release, and an attempt to push myself away from the simpler production techniques I used in my old band.” With chilly electro beats that sink into your bones, make your skin tingle, and haunt your dreams, it’s the perfect cold weather album to enjoy in the dark—whether you’re curled up under the covers with a whiskey or wander down vacant streets in the moonlight.

And today, just before the album release show at Sleep No More this evening, we have the exclusive stream of the album for you to enjoy. Black the lights, take a listen, and fall into a place both wonderful and strange.



The next release will be an EP titled New Jack Witch—featuring all new Jack Swing songs with a retro-futuristic concept, inspired by Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation and Michael Jackson’s Scream.

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