Photo Diary: Australian Singer Meg Mac Captures New York

Meg Mac, Music

This is me in the apartment I got to stay in, I only put lipstick on for the day because of the camera, I’m not going to lie.

If you’re the type of New Yorker who likes to complain about living here more than gushing over it, we suggest looking at the metropolis through a foreigner’s eyes. Singer Meg Mac, who has quickly become one of Australia’s most notable new acts of 2014, released her debut EP MEGMAC on April 7th, and spent some time promoting the new dark pop tunes new work while visiting the city. While here, she whipped out her polaroid to capture some of the magic.

Check out her pictures below, as well as her entrancing new EP, released by 300 Entertainment.


Me sitting on some steps, pretending that they are my front steps in Brooklyn…


I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO COLD IN MY LIFE. Feeling very Australian and new to the snow.


At a cool cafe, learning how to say how I like my eggs in America.


I can never believe it is real, dairy and gluten free ice-cream and cone! I don’t know how this is real but I’m so glad it is


This is not fun but feeling very local, as I wash my thermals.


I brought a travel keyboard, so I can write songs. But every time I hear someone in the corridor I have to stop because I sing too loud.

Me on the subway. This was exciting for the first few minutes and then I realized it’s just a train and everyone looks angry.


My local subway station, we became friends.
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