Pearl Jam’s Early Birthday Inspires Hip-Hop Covers

imageIt may be difficult to believe this — because the beautiful face of Eddie Vedder never ages — but 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of one of the influential 90s pied pipers of angst, Pearl Jam. They’re starting the celebration early, with today being both their Rock Band debut and the beginning of two years of catalog reissues, starting with their seminal album Ten. MTV2 is paying homage (even though most of their target audience wasn’t alive when Pearl Jam was formed) by having bands like Hoobastank and Staind cover their songs. But in a stroke of genius, and in demonstration of the lasting and far reaches of the band, a Minneapolis rapper called P.O.S was snuck in there. Grab some flannel and check out his phenomenal cover of “Why Go.”

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