PBS Hackers Pinpoint Tupac’s Location in New Zealand

Over the weekend, a group of hackers took aim at PBS’ News Hour by breaking into the company’s system and posting an article that claimed Tupac is hiding out in New Zealand. The news item—“Tupac Still Alive in New Zealand’—was deleted about an hour later, after more than 3,000 people had read and shared the false story, ignoring the fact that conspiracy theorists have long thought Tupac’s current hiding place is Cuba.

The hackers, who have identified themselves as a group called LulzSec, explained that the attack was prompted by PBS’ Frontline documentary WikiSecrets and its portrayal of former U.S. soldier Bradley Manning. In addition to writing up the false news piece—which also claimed that The Notorious B.I.G. was hiding out down under with Pac—LulzSec posted a public list of usernames and passwords of PBS’s admin members, the same strategy that the cyber organization took against Fox News and Sony recently.

According to LulzSec’s Twitter page, Sony is a prime target for their next attack, but for now, isn’t it comforting to know that Tupac really is dead, or at least, still hiding out in Cuba?

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