Pavement Holds Cool Contest, Real Life Now Even More Like a Reality Show

The Pavement comeback tour rolls on, slump-shouldered young men turning out in droves to minimally head-nod while mouthing the words to “Gold Soundz” (which Pitchfork just named best song of the 90’s). Well guess what? If you are one of those young men (or women), and you play guitar and have a video camera, and the Internet, and perhaps some modicum of skillz, you can sit in with the band when they play The Jimmy Fallon Show September 23rd.

This is all well and good, and certainly beats playing Guitar Hero for hours on end with a customized plastic axe and your mom’s leggings tied around your head like a bandanna. But is it just me or is there something a bit disappointingly balloon-bursting about a revered band coming down from their pedestal, essentially saying, any dude could do what we do, dude? Whatever happened to god-like rock stars acting like assholes to their fans, and everyone loving them the more for it? I guess Pavement’s whole schtick is lo-fi regular-guyness, and perhaps they’re actually “nice guys.” But could you imagine, say, The Beatles having a contest like this? To put a regular human on stage with John Lennon for the world to watch would be absolutely devastating, the equivalent of having someone “sit in” with Obama & Co. for a meeting on troop withdrawal. Coming soon to NBC…

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