Out Of The Blue, Josef Salvat

Well this is a nice surprise for anyone enamored of moody baritone pop, from the Magnetic Fields to Hurts to Diamond Rings to Depeche Mode to Morrissey: Australian songwriter Josef Salvat has burst upon the blog-hype radar screens, and with good reason. His first release, “This Life,” is unusually compelling.

The A-side to a forthcoming 7” of the same title, “This Life” alternates between a refrain of Wicker Man-ish orchestral pomp and intimately minimal, almost spoken verses. The video is all the better for not getting in the way of this weird confession.

Salvat’s already garnered some favorable notice and comparisons like those above, but he could have an Achilles heel. At least two YouTube commenters are of the opinion that he sounds like a male Lana Del Rey. They appear to have meant this as flattery, however.

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