Officially Giving Up On The New My Bloody Valentine Album

Again. We last got unduly stoked for new material from MBV at the end of 2007, when the band was preparing for their 2008 reunion tour and dropping hints of a Loveless follow-up that was about “3/4 finished” but would be out “before year’s end.” Leaving aside the laughable notion that weirdo perfectionist shoegaze godfather Kevin Shields would polish off the last 25% of his album in less than a month, IT HURT A LOT THAT HE DIDN’T.

Then, this past November, we heard a similar promise from the NME (shudder): the album would “be released on frontman Kevin Shields’s website before the end of the year … followed by a further EP of brand new material.” It’s a Christmas miracle! Except we’ve heard nothing else over the ensuing weeks, the year is nearly over, and Shields doesn’t even have a website. Guess we’re giving up again.

Boy, I tell you: I am really looking forward to the next time I briefly hold out hope for a new My Bloody Valentine album. It’s like they know exactly how to space out my disappointments so that I never learn the lesson. In the end, even if this has been a two-decade hoax and Shields never recorded a single note, I appreciate that he’s been throwing me this bone now and then, just to get me through another five years. 

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