Of Montreal Return With ‘Dour Percentage’

It’s been a couple of years since Of Montreal last released an album, but they’re returning in 2012 with a new one, Paralytic Stalks. In anticipation of the album’s February 7 release, you can listen to one of the first songs, "Dour Percentage," over at Pitchfork. It’s a familiar sound, with singer Kevin Barnes’ voice stretching and yelping over some plinky synthesizers and an overally dance-y tempo. They’ll also be doing a nationwide tour; it’ll be your best chance this year to get sprayed with gold glitter, at least until the Republican National Convention.  

Calling a song "Dour Percentage" is right in line with other off-the-wall Of Montreal titles like "The Past is a Grotesque Animal" and "Id Engager." Barnes is one of indie rock’s more reliable characters, and I’m sure Paralytic Stalks will be a trip to listen to, maybe even enjoyable. "I feel like so many records nowadays are disposable– you’re not really expected to listen to the whole album, and no one does," he previously told Pitchfork. "With this record, I wanted something that was more of an experience that you would listen to from start to finish and have a very deep personal connection to. The songs are way more intimate and confessional." Who are we to say otherwise? Below, watch the video for "Gronlandic Edit," and here is the offical MP3 link.

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