Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt Was Sent to Samoa to Learn a Lesson

What is it about those kids in Odd Future that makes them so irresistible to writers? (This one included.)

Today, The New York Times once again delves into the world of OFWGKTA with a really, really long profile of Thebe Kgositsile AKA Earl Sweatshirt.  

Indeed, if you read hip-hop trade publications like the Times and The New Yorker, you already know that Earl Sweatshirt was an integral part of the group who mysteriously disappeared. Well, was disappeared by a protective mother to a boarding school in Samoa—about as far from the hijinks of the Los Angeles-based  Tyler, the Creator as he could get. Until February, that is, when Mr. Sweatshirt returned to California.

It’s a return that’s been strange for the young hip-hop superstar and his law professor mom. “I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that this decision to send him away to a school that had the kind of support for his emotional well-being that he needed would turn into a story about locking him away,” she said.

But it was, making “Free Earl” a much-tweeted battle cry from Odd Future fans.

Now that he’s free, after months of school and some eye-opening volunteering with Samoan victims of sexual abuse—who probably haven’t heard some of his violent and anti-woman lyrics—he’s changed, according to his cohorts.

“He’s matured,” OF producer Syd the Kyd said. “It’s weird to say that because in my circle a friend’s maturity isn’t necessarily looked up at. But he hasn’t changed.”

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