Noel Gallagher Fans Attack!

Earlier today, a concerned gentleman e-mailed BlackBook demanding I issue an apology for my post on Noel Gallagher’s negative reaction to Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury (the gentleman doesn’t think it’s right). Apparently the article was picked up by an Oasis fansite, causing the minions of Oasis Nation to unleash their wrath upon me in the comments. Throughout the day, my colleagues and I shared laughs over gems such as: “ben barna you have your head jammed up or [sic] politically correct ass,” while another lauded “Classic idiocy from a low-grade journalist who clearly hasn’t done their research.” At least they consider me a journalist. Thanks guys! See the comments yourself for the full effect. What pissed them off so much, was that apparently I called the fragile Mr. Gallagher a racist.

I have since learned that you cannot use such a loaded term when discussing someone as beloved as Noel, which is why Emily Eavis, co-founder of Glastonbury, tip-toed around it. Allow me to address those upset by the post, in all caps, so you don’t miss it this time: EMILY EAVIS INSINUATED THAT NOEL GALLAGHER’S COMMENTS WERE RACIALLY MOTIVATED. I SAID THEY WERE NOT. I SAID THEY WERE BASED ON JEALOUSY. Read the last sentence again, and maybe you’ll get it. Take your time, no rush. What I found so delicious about this whole episode is that everyone who isn’t a rabid Oasis fan (i.e. doesn’t spend their time on Oasis fan forums) didn’t interpret the post as a anti-Gallagher smear. Meaning, fans let their commendable passion for Noel Gallagher and his band override those equally commendable reading comprehension skills.

I am a huge fan of Oasis — I grew up with their music, and I love the Gallagher brothers. Noel is a brilliant songwriter, and Liam has one of the most distinct voices in modern rock. Five years ago, after leaving the hospital after an 18-day stay, the first song I listened to on my walk home was “Cast No Shadow.” It was inspiring. But, having said that, I will never ever let my love for Oasis alter the way I read and understand sentences. That would be dangerous and irresponsible. But I’m glad you guys do, because this last day has been an absolute hoot.

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