Nicki Minaj Is Branching Out into Fashion

Last week, the internet’s arteries were clogged to capacity with postings and quotations from Kanye West’s amazing, almost Homeric, Twitter rant. In a stream of consciousness of 70-odd tweets in about three hours, Yeezy told the world about DONDA, his new design and innovation mega-company. Not to be outdone by West’s world-rescuing mission, Nicki Minaj is looking to save the planet as well, one cuticle at a time.

Minaj’s manager Cortez Bryant (who also manages Lil Wayne) told the New York Times over the weekend that he is looking to negotiate with fashion houses to launch a Nicki Minaj clothing line. This comes on the heels of Minaj’s line of nail polish through OPI, announced officially today and including colors such as "Super Bass Shatter" (a glossy plum) and "Did It On Em" (electric lime green). Minaj’s cultural capital as a fashion icon has skyrocketed over the past several months, most notably with her appearances at New York Fashion Week, where she attended the Carolina Herrera show as a guest of Anna Wintour, and in November, when she performed with Prince at the launch party for Donatella Versace’s H&M collection. The next logical step, it seems, would be for Ms. Minaj/Roman Zolanski/Barbie to start a line of her own. Suddenly, opening airport restaurants just feels lazy. 

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