New Video From Singer Jihae Will Blow Your Mind

She’s shared a bill with Sonic Youth and Lou Reed, dueted with Dave Stewart, worked with Michel Gondry, and performed for the UN and Hillary Clinton. And, well, she wrote and performed an awe-inspiring rock opera, Fire Burning Rain, in collaboration with Academy Award winning screenwriter-director John Patrick Shanley.

Ever on the verge of shaking off her cult status, the inimitable South Korean born beauty Jihae’s new record will be out this summer, with Stewart acting as executive producer. The album also features a collaboration with Leonard Cohen.

In anticipation of its release, she’s giving BlackBook a peek at her stunning new video for the upcoming single “Illusion Of You.”

Jihae enlightens, “I worked with Rajan Mehta [Director] and Mote Sinablel [DP] for this video. It was conceptualized based on self-illusion reflected onto others; it represents the balance between light and dark at the core of our being, how we truly are as individuals versus how we present ourselves to others.”

Jihae will also perform as part of Annie O’s exclusive music series at Chez Andre at The Standard East Village  in New York City this Wednesday, April 23.

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