New Eminem Tracks Leak: ‘Session One’ & ‘Ridaz’

BlackBook has been bringing you the latest up-to-the-minute coverage on the leak and reception of Eminem’s deliriously anticipated (for real this time) comeback album, Recovery. We brought you the first single, we brought you the leak, and we brought you the live performance. Now, the latest in the Em saga: Two new recovery tracks have leaked. The first is a Just Blaze-produced song titled ‘Session One.’ The second is a Dr. Dre joint, ‘Ridaz.’

How are they? Like most of Recovery, really solid but not spectacular. Em is spitting hot fire, for sure, but it all feels a little…empty. You’re back, Marshall, but a rapper has to rap about something. What are you back to tell us? Any ideas?

‘Session One,’ featuring Slaughterhouse:


And ‘Ridaz:’


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