Neil Young & Crazy Horse Explore The Long and Winding Road in ‘Ramada Inn’

With all the ‘90s nostalgia pervading popular culture right now, it’s almost refreshing to see a piece of art—music, film, otherwise—that’s nostalgic for an earlier era, one that it is actually appropriate to be nostalgic about at this time. And nostalgia pervades the lyrical road movie that accompanies Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s new single, “Ramada Inn.” The song is classic Neil Young in sound and substance: distorted, dark guitars, distinctive harmonies and lyrics reflecting on a time and a love gone by.

The music video for the nearly 17-minute song complements the feel with stock footage of classic cars driving down winding country roads, Super 8 family home movies and brief segments of kaleidoscope screen-saver designs that feel out of place, but still work. Watch.

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