Morning Links: Tupac Shooter Confesses, Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food For Hospital Trip

● First Alec, and now youngest and “kookiest” Baldwin, Stephen wants a New York mayoral run. What, again, was wrong with Weiner? [Gothamist] ● According to AllHipHop, Dexter Isaac has confessed to shooting Tupac Shakur outside Quad Studios in 1994, earning $2,500 from music exec Jimmy Henchmen for the hit. Isaac is currently serving a life sentence for another crime, and Henchman is on the lam. Today would have been Tupac’s 40th birthday. [AHH] ● Lil B copped, ever so slightly, on his boldly titled new album, adding the parenthetical “(I’m Happy)” to I’m Gay on the official, Marvin Gaye inspired cover art. [RapRadar]

● Selena Gomez wants to clarify: when she says she is malnourished, she doesn’t mean she’s not eating, she just means she loves M&Ms and Snickers at the movies and cheese on her broccoli. And anyways, her mom is making her take vitamins now. [People] ● James Franco, the man who has proven himself capable of doing almost anything — shelling invisible art, included — wishes he looked better in tank tops. [NYM] ● Bill Clinton admires the cast of Spider-Man‘s gumption: “And I am very proud of them for not giving up, it was fabulous,” he said after the premier. [PopWatch/EW]

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