Morning Links: JC Chasez Saves a Baby, Drew Barrymore Gets Engaged

● JC Chasez saved a baby girl from certain doom on New Year’s when he plucked an airborn beach umbrella out of the air just before it would have hit the little girl. "Shirel is safe because of him," says the baby’s mother. "I want to tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart." [People]

● Justin Bieber got a big ol’ portrait of Jesus inked on his calf. [PopDust]

● We, the media, have scared Beyoncé all the way back to Texas, where she’s gone to give birth in (relative) peace. [Examiner]

● Drew Barrymore is engaged to be wed for the third time to her boyfriend of a year, Will Kopelman. [E!]

● 22-year-old British party girl Peaches Geldof is pregnant with her first child, as fathered by the second man to whom she’s been engaged, S.C.U.M. frontman Thomas Cohen. [AP]

● Gwyneth Paltrow is ringing in the New Year with a special $425 GOOP cleanse kit, complete with protien powder, insulin reglator and liver support. Or, you know, all the makings of a great colon clean-out. GOOP-y, indeed! [Gawker]

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