Moby’s Cosmic Voyage

imagePlanets! Stars! Moby! He’s up to his old shenanigans, with a cosmic twist. Mute Records hosted an album listening party last night for the new album, Wait for Me (dropping June 30) at the Natural History Museum’s Hayden Planetarium. The straightedge mix master said a few words before the solar expedition set to his soundtrack began; he noted that the sound system in the planetarium wasn’t exactly up to par (or club speaker standards). Luckily, as the crowd exited — most experiencing severe whiplash — copies of the audio and video for Shot in the Back of the Head were generously distributed. For a lucky bunch, half the wait is over.

A 3-D mapping of the universe was the perfect backdrop for the mellow spirit of the new album. The tracks are quiet and contemplative, and when listened to consecutively, they flow together splendidly. The album art features simplistic, adorable space aliens, sketched by Moby himself. Thus, the planetarium concept was ideal. The album was recorded in the artist’s LES studio — no big names attached, aside from David Lynch, who directed the video for the first single, Shot in the Back of the Head. Last Night (2008) is a tough act to follow, but presenting the new album on an intergalactic stage was the way to go. Moby, you’re out of this world.

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