Missy Elliott and Timbaland Release New Studio Tracks For Real This Time

Over Labor Day weekend, Missy Elliott made a surprise appearance at a Timbaland show in Miami, and in the midst of energetic performance of some of her biggest hits ("Get Ur Freak On," "Lose Control," etc.), she gave us a brief preview of two new tracks with Timbo, "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning." Well, now we have studio versions of those tracks, and there’s hopefully more to look forward to.

"Triple Threat," with its stammering beat and trance-inducing chorus, is catchy, and it’s nice to hear Timbaland and Missy Elliott back together again, but the song weighs a bit too heavily on Tim. Missy’s verses have a bit more power, but we definitely did a spittake when she referred to her and Tim as "the new Ike and Tina" — that goes in the Crazytown Memorial Vault of Troubling Musical/Romantic Partnership Metaphors. On the muscular "9th Inning," the stronger track of the two, the interplay feels more balanced. Either way, hopefully there’s more new music to come from the pair, and a release date of Missy’s long-awaited Block Party (or whatever it may be called now) can’t be far behind. Have a listen to both new tracks below. 

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