MisShapes Shifting

By John Vorwald

imageBLACKBOOK: The Saturday night MisShapes Party at Don Hill’s ended after four years. How did you see the club scene shift during that time?

GEORDON: It’s no longer the fun, irreverent time you might have experienced, say, five years ago. It’s a lot harder to get away with things and find places that still allow dancing on the bars and hanging from the ceilings. But there are still places beating the odds, like Studio B in Brooklyn and The Annex.

BB: You’ve added some new members. How did that come about?

G: MisShapes has always been a collective. Geordon, Greg and Leigh, we’re “The MisShapes” but MisShapes in its entirety is the three of us, Jackson Pollis, Sophia Lamar, our photographers, and door people, etc.

BB: Are your mixes influenced by one particular genre or era over others?

G: What’s great about the three of us is we each have our own personal taste musically—what we grew up with, and what we listen to now. Everything from ’70s L.A. punk, Riotgrrl, ’80s New Wave, and current pop music. One thing we do try to do is play current music—new and emerging artists. We try to push constantly for new music, and support young bands.

BB: What are you listening to right now? G: We listen to hundreds of artists a week. New bands, though, like The Virgins, These New Puritans, Neil’s Children, Pink Enemy.

All listings are featured in the 2008 BlackBook Guide to New York!

Photo by Ryan Plfuger

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