Meet ‘Wish Book Vol. 1,’ Dan Deacon’s Face-Melting New Mashup Album

Mashups are among the most hit-and-miss of hit-and-miss musical enterprises, and even though any schmoe with a pirated copy of Ableton could theoretically make one, only a few can do it well, especially when trying the multi-track, layered bump ‘n’ grind symphony of a certain sweatband-donning mashup icon. Dan Deacon, naturally, is one of those capable people, as demonstrated on his latest effort, Wish Book Vol. 1, whose rather extensive cast list is enumerated on Deacon’s SoundCloud:

"Wish Book Volume 1 was made with music made by (in order of appearance): grimes+psy+beach house+skrillex+diplo+nicky da b+dirty projectors+lil wayne+nicki minaj+oneohtrix point never+tune yards+animal collective+rod stewart+the strokes+wiz khalifa+beyoncé+lcd sound system+death grips+ludacris+rihanna+the beatles+roy orbison+silver apples+katy perry+69 boyz+gary glitter+james brown+lmafo+black dice+the ronettes+r. kelly+black eyed peas+lenny kravitz+the misfits+2 chains+daftpunk+led zeppelin+the notorious b.i.g.+devo+lightning bolt+unknown artist recorded in jaipur, india+marvin gaye+radiohead+rage against the machine+salt n peppa+brian eno+madonna"

Wish Book opens with "Gangrimes Style," which is a mashup we’re surprised didn’t already exist, and thankful that perhaps it didn’t, because with a lot of other people in charge it could have been a lot worse. But "Oblivion" works surprisingly well as a backbone to Psy’s rapping, especially with Grimes in the background adding a haunting layer to the summer jam. Later, on "Oscillating Diamonds," Rihanna, Abbey Road-era Beatles, Katy Perry and Jock Jams veterans 69 Boyz fade into one another in a combination that is buzz-inducing, chaotic and actually pretty fun.

Each individual part is not always as detectable or clear as, say, they would be on a Girl Talk track, but the comparisons to GT are already flying about the Internet, because there apparently hasn’t been anyone else ever who has mashed up a number of songs and made them into something completely different. And for what it’s worth, there are a few tracks that both producers have used—"Young Turks," "Hypnotize" and various versions of "Come Together" among them. But whoever you compare them to, the results are worth a listen, which you can do via the artist’s SoundCloud below. 

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