‘Mark Ronson Is Destroying Everything!’


After an afternoon spent in his SoHo studio, we call Mark Ronson for a quick chat. He’s run down after celebrating his sister Charlotte’s show at New York Fashion Week, and with only days left before the Grammy wins, he returns to his roots. “I used to spin at a club called Life on Bleecker Street,” Ronson explains. “Actually, I see people on the street and it’s weird because they talk about it like it was their Studio 54 or something. And I feel quite sad for them because it wasn’t anywhere near… Anyway, one particular Tuesday, I destroyed the room and it was the first time they had played hip-hop for that kind of clientele. They booked me every week. But, every Tuesday, they would have this meeting and say ‘Mark Ronson and his brand of music are destroying everything!’ It’s now so hard to imagine a time when it was unheard of to hear hip-hop in a trendy New York club below 14th Street. It’s becoming so cliché it’s terrible.” —Nick Haramis

Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan Company

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