Lou Reed and Metallica’s Live Performance Should Not Have Been Televised

Last night, Lou Reed and Metallica appeared on the BBC’s Later With Jools Holland to promote their new collaborative album, Lulu. Here’s some background information on the album: Influential music sites hate it. What it has going for it, however, is the fact that it’s contained within a compact disc or compressed lines of computer code, and that it doesn’t exist in the world of the living. But that changed last night when Lou Reed and Metallica performed in front of a live studio audience in Great Britain.

Lulu consists of original tracks, but Lou and Metallica covered The Velvet Underground’s “White Light/White Heat” last night. Or at least that’s what they say; it’s really hard to tell.

What we have here is the musical equivalent of a horse track euthanization without the curtain. There’s not much to do except pray it never happens again. To cleanse your brain, listen to the original version of “White Light/White Heat,” if your ears can still hear sounds.

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