Listen to the Newest Song of the Summer Contender: Avicii and Zac Brown Band’s ‘Broken Arrows’


Photo: Sandro Paredes

Remember when you couldn’t walk into any party/bar/public place in 2013 without hearing that Avicii song? You had to be living under a rock not to recognize the, um, catchy, country-meets-EDM twang of “Wake Me Up.” Well, the Swedish DJ and producer (né Tim Bergling) is back with his fool-proof formula for the song of the summer. Featuring country stars Zac Brown Brand, Avicii’s new song “Broken Arrows” sounds like the sequel to “Wake Me Up.” Released on his monthly Levels podcast, the song has that same Cotton-Eye Joe tune mixed with percussive beats, and because it hasn’t been played to the point of extinction, we like it a bit more than “Wake Me Up.”

“Broken Arrows” wasn’t the only rip Avicii released on his podcast. He also dropped “Can’t Catch Me,” a slightly reggae mix featuring Wyclef Jean and Matisyahu; and “Heaven,” co-written with Chris Martin and featuring Simon Aldred.

Listen to “Broken Arrows” below and hear the rest of the podcast here. Plus, check out filmmaker’s Brendan Jay Sullivan’s search to find the official song of the summer.

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