Listen to Lykke Li’s ‘Lost Sessions’

Lykke Li is awfully talented at sounding awfully gloomy. On this year’s Wounded Rhymes, she drenched that voice in appropriately moody surroundings, filled with tons of echo and self-definitive atmospherethe type of stuff that made her sound like she was singing from very far away. But there are many ways to sing a song, and today, Lykke released The Lost Sessions Vol. 1, a collection of crackling, whispered takes on three of Wounded Rhymes‘ best songs.

"I Follow Rivers" loses the drums and plays up the piano, sounding far more melancholy than the official version. (As is usually the case when you lose drums in exchange for piano.) The versions of "Jerome" and "Youth Knows No Pain" sound similarly intimate, with her voice sticking more confidently out of the mix like some burned country singer. You can listen to them below.

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