Listen to Kendrick Lamar Rap With The Game, E-40

Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar is having a nice moment right now, having won over critics and fans with a steady output of socially-conscious-but-not-completely-boring-and-in-fact-kind-of-intense-and-awesome rap music. But one must reach the mainstream to make a real dent, which is why Lamar pops up in this video for The Game’s "The City" looking maybe a little out of place next to Jayceon Taylor’s incessant mean muggery. (He still manages to outrap him, though.) Check it out after the click, via Prefix.

Elsewhere, Lamar featured on a song called "Catch A Fade," off one of three albums E-40 is supposedly releasing next Monday. Sixty songs in total! Sounds kind of overwhelming and best left to the serious rap heads you might follow on Twitter. Listen to that one below.

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