Listen to Japandroids Cover Nick Cave’s ‘Jack the Ripper’

It’s hard to go full speed all of the time, even if your new album is called Celebration Rock. On this cover of Nick Cave’s "Jack the Ripper," Japandroids reign in their excessive energy for something a little gloomier, joining the Old West to the new blues. They don’t quite replicate Cave’s brooding snarl, but you can hear guitarist Brian King (I imagine he’s the one singing) just straining not to break into hysterics. Listen to it after the click, via Stereogum.

It’s actually kind of strange to hear Japandroids singing about girls in a way that doesn’t involve them shout-vomiting all over themselves, but there you go. "Jack the Ripper" will appear as the B-side on the 7” single for "The House That Heaven Built," which is out on May 4. Celebration Rock, Japandroids’ new album, is out on June 5. 

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