Listen to Guided by Voices’ New Single, ‘Keep It In Motion’

Since the "classic" lineup of Guided by Voices reunited in 2010, fans have been wondering whether they would begin producing new material with the same speed of their halcyon days. The answer is clear: After releasing a new album called Let’s Go Eat The Factory on the first day of 2012, the reconstituted GBV has no plans to slow down, releasing a new song today called "Keep It In Motion" while announcing a new album entitled Class Clown Spots A UFO, out in June. That’s on top of a solo album from singer Robert Pollard called Mouseman Cloud, which is out on April 3. How unbelievably prolific. You can stream "Keep It In Motion" after the click.

It’s pretty standard GBV power pop, featuring Pollard trading off those high vocals with guitarist Tobin Sprout. Who knows if they’ll ever collaborate on something as perfect as Alien Lanes but it’s worth a try, right?

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