Listen to a Shout-y New Japandroids Song, ‘The House That Heaven Built’

Okay, it’s been a really heavy day for music, but bear with me: Shout-rockers Japandroids have released a new song called "The House That Heaven Built" off their upcoming sophomore album, Celebration Rock. Filled with preciously dramatic lyrics like "When they love, and they will / Tell them all to love in my shadow," it definitely cements their status as a band you’re meant to scream along with until your lungs bleed. In case there was any doubt about that, check out Celebration Rock‘s track listing, filled with pointedly epic titles like "Adrenaline Nightshift," "Evil’s Sway" and "Continuous Thunder." Listen to "The House That Heaven Built" at SoundCloud and pump every fist you’ve got.

Somewhat related: I’ve been looking for a proper song to double up with this clip of Cody The Howling Dog and found a perfect partner in Japandroids’s "Young Hearts Spark Fire." I think it’s something you’d like to watch, if you’re a fan of extremely stupid Internet ephemera (and who ain’t?). When you’re done marvelling at my meme-ing foresight, go to Japandroids’s website to see where they’ll be playing on their summer tour. Celebration Rock is out on June 5.

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