Listen To A New Sigur Rós Song, ‘Varúð’

"Varúð" translates to "warning" or "caution" in Icelandic, but there seems to be little alarming at first with the new song of the same name from the dream-spinners of Sigur Rós. Then, come the sharp violin stings about a third of the way in, and it seems like things are going to get weird, but then Jónsi’s angelic lead returns to lull the listener back into a dream-pop coma. And then, at the end, everything builds to one of those sweeping, waves-crashing on some distant shore kind of finales Sigur Rós does so well.

"Varúð" is the second track to be released of Sigur Rós’ sixth album, Valtari ("Roller"). The first, "Ekki Múkk," was met with excitement, a sweet video and a special Record Store Day release on a record that plays inside-out. That’s pretty neat.

Listen to "Varúð" below.

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