Lissy Trullie Takes Our Pop Quiz

Earlier this year, Elle magazine featured Lissy Trullie in a black-and-white (save for a shock of red hair) spread on punk couture. It’s no surprise they would use her. With doe eyes, downtown rocker-chic style and legs that won’t quit, the DJ/indie musician is admittedly easy on the eyes. But then, she opens her mouth and husky soul pours out – as well as swaggering personality. A regular DJ at the Beatrice Inn, the D.C. native began performing with her band a little over a year and a half ago, and with her music—retro, dancey, and definitively New York–she’s been in high demand. Last week she played four CMJ gigs, including a packed Le Royale, but she took some time out to opine in our internet questionnaire.

Have you ever seen a dead body? Actually yes, I have. What a fucking question…

What should we do with stupid people? It depends where/what they are doing. If they’re running our country – get them out. If they are in your class at school, hope for the best. But if you’re smart, you know you don’t need to waste your time worrying about the stupids.

How long do you think you will live? That answer changes day by day. Today I feel like I have a good shot at 70.

What was the first thing you did this morning? Ran late for an appointment.

The color of carpet in your bedroom? Wood.

Last person you went out to dinner with? To my astonishment I went to meet my friend Chrissie and we ate dinner with Eve.

Are you spoiled? I hope not.

Do you drink lots of water? No.

What toothpaste do you use? Colgate. I tried Rembrandt to make my teeth whiter but it didn’t work.

How do you vent your anger? Trust me, it’s dark.

The last compliment you received? A guy at the venue we are playing tonight (the Studio at Webster Hall) said he really liked my music. Then he said he also liked my legs so…. I dunno if I trust the first part of the compliment.

What are you doing this weekend? Recovering.

When was the last time you threw up? A VERY long time ago. I have a phobia of throw up, much like a fear of flying. I think in all I’ve thrown up less than 10 times in my teenageadult life. Is your best friend a virgin? Nope. But I know some really good guys that are Virgins.

What theme does your room have? I hate clutter. I have a single bed, a far too large old painting from my mom of a bishop playing chess, a print from photographer Sarah Ball, instruments lying around, and books. My dream is a giant empty room with a little bed.

When was the last time you were at a party? Yesterday.

Are you a mama’s child or a daddy’s child? My Dad wasn’t around, I’m not saying that in a bitter way. So by default I’m a mama’s girl. She’s the most balls out woman I know.

Would you ever join the military? No.

The last website you visited?

Who was the last person you took a picture with? David Sims.

Last person you went to the movies with? Erin Krause and Hilary Roseman. BUT this is a crazy story. There was a seat open next to me, and an old man sat down and started to masturbate! It was awful, he looked like he was 90 years old.

What did you do/will you do for your birthday this year? I’m going to have a joint birthday with a group of Pisces.

Number of layers on your bed? 1.

Is anything alive in your room? My cat.

Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week? Forward. Desperately.

What are you looking forward to right now? Getting over a broken heart.

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